Help Ukraine from home with your devices


Remember COVID, and the big movement here? When tousands of devices were connected to simply share processors?
No we have help again. Russia invades Ukraine and tousands of people are dying from bombs and shot guns.

Ukraine is under attack, we as IT can help Ukraine a little by DDOS’ing the invader.

We should try to do something to help our brothers.

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Have a nice day

Hey @Razikus thanks for sharing this project. I’m going to be open with you and everyone else reading this as we work here.

We purposefully did not and do not intend to curate everything that’s submitted to balenaHub before it is listed, because we believe that a platform should not take the stance of dictating what is appropriate for its users. Because of this openness and desire to make this technology as accessible as we could, it was not unexpected that one day a use case might arise that raises questions, but we did not want to introduce friction for those people using the platform as intended unnecessarily.

We do of course, at a minimum, want to ensure that we conform to all laws and legislation applicable where we operate. As such, since this project has been flagged by multiple people as a concern, we are in the process of working to understand how this use case fits within U.S. law. This is where the head office for Balena, Inc., as the operator of balenaHub, is located, as per our terms of use.

It’s the first time an app on hub has been called into question and so we do not have an immediate line to take. We want to be sure that we take the time to ensure that no matter what decision is made, that it has sound reasoning that we can refer back to at a later date.

We will keep everyone updated as we work, and thank everyone for their engagement.


OK, a further update here.

After investigation, we’ve determined that use of the balena platform for this use-case (the uashield project) is in clear violation of our terms and conditions. Specifically that of:

“You may not use the Service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.” and “You must not transmit any worms or viruses or any code of a destructive nature” found on the general Terms of Service. DDoS attacks fall under the definition of illegal and destructive activities.

Whilst we acknowledge the difficulty of the situation, in order to protect our team, our customers & users and our platform as a whole, so we can continue to try to make a positive difference in the world, it’s critical that we adhere to the rules and regulations defining how we operate.

As a result we have taken the decision to remove the entry from the platform and so @Razikus I have to request that you remove the project from balenaHub. It’s better that you do this as you have full control over the project, as if it’s still listed in 24 hours we’ll have to blacklist it in order to remove it.

A group of us within the team at balena spent a long time discussing and working through this to make sure we gave the decision the time and consideration it deserves. We’ll leave this forum topic here as a reference and record of when and why this decision was made.

Sorry i didn’t look here of a week.

I understand, that it can be marked as illegal. Totally understandable for me

But are the murdering and invading countries legal?
What if the your country will be attacked? Will you also not defend, because of Terms of Service?

Just remember - everyone. We can just not take any action and wait for another Hitler raises in the world
History is creating in front of our eyes.

There are several projects in the world that help Ukraine now.
Please do something, maybe not participating in this UAShield. Small actions, donations, influence on the other people. Make impact on your politics. Make pression on Russia

These people are dying. Innocent people.
My friends, family of my friends, friends of my friends.
I don’t know what Terms of Services of Ukraine said about that.

My friend had birthday 5 days ago. He bought meat for his present, cause he didn’t eat meat for a long time.
He said that one bomb per hour is absolutely normal here. NEW NORMALITY?
I don’t know what Terms of Services of Ukraine said about that.

I can’t really fight, i’m fat, i’m from Poland, i’m not a soldier. I’m trying to help as much as i can
If you ask me if i think about any legal consequences of these actions? Illegality?
I would answer - its absolutely not important right now.

I would never try to even develop or think about these solutions in normal circumstances. These are not normal

I’m not trying to be political here. Just a human.

Have a nice, SAFE AND TOTALLY LEGAL day. Hope that the bomb will not explode near your house.


Adam, thanks for coming back to us here, and I appreciate your understanding.

Since you mention that there are ‘several projects in the world that help Ukraine now’, I wanted to reiterate that the approach we took here is purely that of a legal one within the jurisdiction where we operate with regard to this specific project. We fully encourage use of the platform to help in any and all ways you can think of, as long as they adhere to the terms and don’t endanger the platform itself. We want to make sure that we keep operating in order to be able to support as many use cases as we can.

If you have any other projects to share that can help in other ways, please feel free to do so.


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