Happy New Year 2017

Hey everyone, happy new year :tada: :fireworks: :champagne: (for those in Asia already, and for the rest of us very soon!

What are your expectations, hopes, and wishes for the coming 2017? Have any plans to share? Any predictions, maybe? :8ball:

Iโ€™m myself hoping for some more time for writing up projects.
Looking forward learning a handful of new programming languages in the year (2-3 with different ways of thinking would be nice).
Iโ€™m expecting voice control and automation becoming even better (if Alexa, and projects like x.ai are any indication). Thatโ€™s really the next level of making people life and work better, and would like to set something like Lucida up for my laptop (and even better if I can contribute to it!.
Finally, canโ€™t wait to start my reading challenge for the new year again, hopefully a good mixture of technical (community, computing), and fiction (classics, sci-fi).