Hand-over update strategy

I ran some tests with the handover strategy.
Be aware that no communication between old and new application is implemented. These tests are only intended to show how timeout works and update strategy.
After the timeout has expired, the update should start.
The problems are as follows: the old container is still running and the new container is not started. Timeout does not work either.
How can I test it?

my docer-compose.yml file:
version: ‘2’




io.balena.update.strategy: hand-over
io.balena.update.handover-timeout: 60000

Hi, can you please provide some more context of where these labels are being specified in your docker-compose.yml? Are they specific to a service or just at the end of your file?

When you get a chance, check on my colleague questions? Or if you have resolved this, do let us know if any of the documentation helped or wasn’t clear which led to this in the first place.


I implemented communication between both containers. The first tests were successful. I could hardly find any description for hand-over strategy.