Google assistant on Balena

I managed to install the google assistant client software on a raspberry pi 3 with balena. So I turned my pi in a kind of google home smart speaker.

The only extra hardware you need is an earphone (or headphone) that you plug into the audio jack of the raspberry pi and a USB microphone (or a USB webcam with microphone) that you plug into one of the USB ports of the pi.

All the required balena build files can be found in my github repository: Especially have a look at the Readme of this repository.

Feel free to raise any questions or issues with respect to this project as a comment to this forum topic or directly as a github issue on my repository.



@janvda awesome work! I’m definitely going to give this a try. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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@janvda this is awesome I’ve tried it and it works great! Thank you for sharing this! :smiley:


I have just released version v1.1.0

This version should make it easier to create the google credentials.
More precisely you should no longer manually copy paste the google credentials and store them in the service variable GOOGLE_ASSISTANT_CREDENTIALS.

This version is backwards compatible with the previous version. So if the credentials are stored in this service variable, then these credentials will still be used as before.