Getting unique hardware ID

How do I get the unique hardware ID for a balenaFin 1.1? An earlier post suggested that it is printed on the board. However, I am unable to find it on the board. I have a balenaFin Development Kit. Will it be possible to get this ID programatically or through some scripts?

Hello @aniruddhc_sct ,

You should see a QR code sticker on the top side of the balenaFin. That code contains the hardware ID. Starting from balenaFin v1.1.1 we now flash the EEPROM of the devices directly in the factory with the same content of the serial you find in the QR code. You can access it with GitHub - balena-io-hardware/balena-fin-sdk: WIP: balenaFin SDK


Thanks for your response. The balenaFin device I have does not have a QR code sticker on the top side. Is the balena-fin-sdk supported for v1.1? Does v1.1 have any way of inquiring the hardware ID via software? For my use case, using the QR code would not work.

Hello @aniruddhc_sct ,

Could you please attach a picture of the top side of your balenaFin? All v1.1s should have the QR code on them. There is a way of flashing the HW ID onto the internal flash for v1.1s, but the QR code is required to do so.


Hello @aniruddhc_sct could you please share a picture of the top side of your balenaFin 1.1. We would like to see if there is the QR code my colleague mentioned.

Otherwise let us know if you found it or not.

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