Getting repeated Failed to download image updating device after pushing balenaSound to application

Hey, to update you on this, you can check the image sizes via the “Releases” tab on your application dashboard, but currently it’s 6 images with an average of around 200MB. For the issue itself it looks to me to be that downloading so many large images at once is overloading your raspberrypi as it’s an old model and also doesn’t have much RAM, the faster sd card might help with this as it’ll allow writing to disk faster and may alleviate some of the load.
Outside of that as a workaround you can also try removing a few services from the docker-compose.yml and then pushing, letting those download, then adding some more and letting them download and so on in order to reduce the load, I’ve also raised with the supervisor team an idea of having a max concurrent downloads config var to help with cases like this where a device or network is unable to download so many images in parallel