Getting Monitoring Set up with site examples is unusually difficult

I’m just trying to get some logging pumped out of Balena. I’ve had a really hard day at it up to this point. The DataDog example simply doesn’t work - the GitHub image will not build. I tried following as an example.

Next I moved on to Prometheus. That example is found at

I have both the monitor and thingy applications running. They are running on 2 different devices. I am able to log into the grafana dashboard on the monitor device. However, it doesn’t provide any details on how to get my data from the “thingy” device into the grafana dashboard.

I’m at a loss here and starting to get frustrated. I really hope someone here can help.

Hi, thanks for letting us know about build issues with the DataDog example. Unfortunately blogs do tend to go out of date. We did publish a more recent post here using Prometheus and Grafana Have you seen this and does it get you started?