Getting "blinking" status

How can I get the blink status of a device?
The docs specify how to make it blink, but not how to get the blink status.
The goal is to have the app query its device supervisor for blink status, and if blinking, play a sound on the speakers.

Hi @edorgeville unfortunately as far as I know that is not possible today. We have discussed building a generic “indentify” webhook like API on the supervisor for this kind of usecase where a process in the user container would be able to trigger any custom script to identify the device. Let me see if I can find a github issue to track this, it would be a great piece of functionality.

I couldn’t find a public issue for this feature, but I created one here:

I think the only way you can do this currently would be to run a privileged container and monitor the ACT led from the /sys/class/leds/led0/brightness. That file will flip between 0 and 1. You would also I think need to disable all other activity on the LED so it doesn’t trigger randomly due to mmc activity. I think you can disable the ACT led activity using:


That’s great, thanks!

No problemo! let us know how the work around works out!