get all commits of an app


I am an openBalena(2.0) user.

It is possible to get all the uuid commits of each application by exploiting the api? I couldn’t find it on the documentation…
If a commit to an application goes wrong how would you do a revert if the olds commit are not saved?

If I am not wrong the versioning of the deploy of each application isn’t available, or not?



Hi Matteo,

I believe you could query the release endpoint to retrieve all the UUID commit values as well as some more metadata about the releases to an application. The docs reference:

Then I don’t think openBalena does anything extra to guarantee availability of the actual code history (past versions that are no longer running in an application). Maintaining the git repository of an application is the application developer’s responsibility.

Let us know how is your openBalena experience and if we could help out further.

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Thanks gelbal for the documentation!

yes I was wondering if it was possible to deploy the App:x.y.z directly from balena

I will take my responsibilities no worries hahaha :joy: