forgot node red login password


I use balena to manage a few rpi’s running node-red. It works a charm and has done over a number of years now. I needed to go to the node-red interface and change a few nodes and I am prompted with the login to node-red to allow me to change anything. And I can’t remember the password or the user name for that matter.

How do I reset/change the password - I tried from the device-variables interface in the balena dashboard, but it doesn’t seem to work when I change the uname to admin and password to admin. Any suggestions?


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Hello @matisok

What node-RED balena application are you using? any from the balenaHub?

Are you using this block? For this one, username and password are balena.

Let us know more information please!


I have attached a screenshots of my environment. I am changing the variable USERNAME and PASSWORD but it doesn’t seem to reflect out in the client.

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Did you try to change the USERNAME and PASSWORD?

@matisok I’m thinking other things that you can do.

Easiest is to try to add a Device Variable called ENCRIPTION_KEY and the value balena. Try to see what happens.

Another thing that you can do, is to comment these lines but then you will need to push a new releease on your fleet. Not sure if this is going to break anything → nodeRED-iiot-gateway/settings.js at f3e9777684fc1274ba14e64772c46996b4fb2d8f · mpous/nodeRED-iiot-gateway · GitHub

Let me know if that works!

Commenting out the lines in the settings file worked! Thanks a lot.

@matisok thanks for sharing the solution! Feel free to mark the message with the solution tag :slight_smile: