Fleet configuration automatically set (GPIO related)


I have a fleet composed of Raspberry Pi Compute Modules 4. We are introducing a new revision of our carrier board in which a GPIO used as output has changed from GPIO 25 to GPIO 18.

Out of nowhere, this configuration has appeared in our fleet (no developer in my company has set it):

This has been a small heart attack since that GPIO runs a Buzzer, so with that configuration enabled the buzzer beeps for a long minute after each restart until the main application starts, exports it and sets it to LOW.
What is more fun is that this GPIO is by default Pull Down according RPi docs, so:

  • Why did this configuration appear?
  • Why has it been considered useful?
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Hola @pablo.burgos thanks for your message!

Could you please confirm the dtOverlay and dtparams that your carrier board is using?

Hi Marc!
This is the configuration:
Define DT parameters for the default overlay. → “i2c_arm=on”,“spi=on”,“audio=on”
Define DT overlays → “vc4-fkms-v3d”

We have two identical fleets (DEV and PROD). This has happened after staging the new board in the DEV fleet. It hasn’t happened in PROD.

Is there a way to check the history of these changes?