Feature request: custom conditional updates

We’re building some devices that sometimes run on backup battery power.

I’ve been testing the official Balena CI method via Github Actions and was thinking it would be wonderful for an easy way to set conditional updates on a device by device basis.

For example, we have a lightweight Python container that watches the power and battery status of the device. It would be cool to be able to flag the device on Balena’s side as being ineligible for update if the device is running on battery power and is below 50%.

I could imagine other scenarios that others might find useful like don’t allow updates if running on cellular as a backup interface.

The flag could be lifted the device conditions are back to normal like no longer on battery or cellular.


I think we might be able to do this using our current capabilities!

You can add a tag to the device if its under a particular level of charge, and when you are updating the devices you can select devices based on the value of that tag for every device.

The value of the tag can be updated by the devices themselves, or if you already have that telemetry information with you, you can set the value using a script on your machine instead of the device.

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