Feature request: Choose when to reboot for config changes

Wanted to add another feature request here.

One thing that I find a little frustrating is that devices or services reboot immediately to apply config changes like device variables, environment variables, etc. It can get very clunky especially if you have to change a whole bunch of variables one by one.

It would be wonderful if (similar to desktops for example) there was a way to apply a bunch of those variables to a device or fleet and have the option to choose when to reboot the devices to apply those changes. This would let users set a bunch of configs and then reboot when its more convenient.

I’m thinking you could also have a banner in the UI that indicates changes are waiting to be applied with a button to apply & reboot / restart containers.


Thank you for sharing your use case. Other users have also requested for this feature. The feature request is already noted in our feature tracker and your feedback adds more priority to it. We will update this thread once progress is made.


Great thanks Carlo