Etcher on Windows7 under VMware can only access C drive?

Attempting to run Etcher 1.5.51 on Windows 7 under VMware (on a Mac)… navigating to an image file on VMware’s Z: drive, Etcher fails to open the file with the error:

Something went wrong while opening rpi0.img
Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘C:\SharedwithVMs\rip0.img’

It appears that Etcher is replacing the Z: drive with C:


welcome and thanks for the report! I can confirm it with the VMware Fusion & Windows 10.

Here’s the issue I just made.

In the meanwhile, I can suggest two workarounds:

  • copy your image to the local drive (like C, …)
  • use balenaEtcher for macOS

Thanks for the quick reply… I’ll copy to the C drive.