Error message when trying to put 'ubuntu-22.04-desktop-amd64.iso' onto a flash drive

I wish to copy a Ubuntu OS to a flash drive and I get the message seen in the image I’ve posted.
I’ve carried on and the operation seems to be successful but when I plug the flash drive into my laptop and make it the primary boot option, on restart the machine reboots to Windows 7. Please help me.

Hello, it sounds like you are trying to create a bootable flash drive to run Ubuntu OS. You might want to check out the steps outlined here: Install Ubuntu desktop | Ubuntu - note step number three where it details how you can use Ether to create a bootable flash drive. Also note step number four where you can decide if you want to merely run Ubuntu from the flash drive or use it to install Ubuntu on your computer. Let us know if this helps!

Hello Alan,

Thank you for your advice but my laptop doesn’t

want to boot from an SD card or a USB stick

even though I’ve gone into the BIOS and put it

as the primary boot option.

My laptop is an Acer Aspire 5741Z

Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU P6000 @ 1.87GHz
with 6.00 GB Ram and 64 Bit OS.

Would this have any bearing on my problem?


I’d like to suggest the following:

1… Try and check if the USB device is booting at all on another machine.

2a. If it is booting fine on another machine then, as shown in this video ACER ASPIRE ES 15 How to Boot from USB & Access BIOS & Install Windows 10 Linux 7 8 Ubuntu - YouTube
go into your BIOS and then ensure that your “F12 Boot Menu” option is enabled, then restart your machine and tap F12 until the boot menu shows up. Then select the appropriate USB device you are attempting to boot from. I am making a big assumption here that the Acer Aspire laptop shown in the above video has boot settings (and buttons) that are the same or very similar to your own Acer Aspire. Let us know if this works

2b. If it is not booting fine on another machine, let us know, we may need to look further into this.

Thank you for your advice.
I’ve downloaded a 32 bit version and my laptop actually boots

from the usb stick.

I’m wondering if the 64 bit version needs a bigger capacity stick

as my original one is only 8Gb.

Richard, I’m glad to hear your laptop is booting. The 64 bit version looks to be roughly the same download size as 32 bit, so it’s not clear why that didn’t work. Your laptop appears to support 64 bit but if you’re satisfied with the 32 bit version you should be set.