Doubt related to sudo raspi-config on Raspberry Pi

I have downloaded the Balena OS from for Raspberry Pi.

Balena OS version => BalenaOS 2.36.0+rev2

Now When I used to use Raspbian lite on raspberry pi I used a command sudo raspi-config to make changes in the Interfacing option.

But this option is not available on Balena OS.

How can I make the changes in interfacing option using Balena OS?

Also If I want to add a custom overlay ( i.e. my_custom_overlay.dtbo ) on Balena OS Can I copy paste the overlay onto the /mnt/boot/overlays directory and then load the overlay using cmdline.txt?

Hello @sharvin26 I believe and should contain all the answers to these questions. Have a look at those links and feel free to follow-up here if something is still unclear.

Okay Thanks for the Response @nazrhom I’ll check the documentaton.