Dotnet (.NET) core cloud api sdk/Swagger

Hi folks,
Do you guys have a dotnet core sdk available?

If not, is there a swagger definition for the balena cloud api?

I’d quite like to not wrap balena api calls myself :frowning_face:

Thanks in advance,

Hey @rhysjtevans I don’t think we have anything to help here, but I have asked a colleague so we’ll let you know if we do. Our main focus right now is on the Node and Python SDKs.

Hey @rhysjtevans

We currently don’t have the swagger files or a .NET SDK for the balenaCloud api.

Thanks both.

Just as an fyi to others looking for a dotnet core sdk. I’ve started putting a community sdk together.

You can even add it as a nuget package

I’ve predominantly focused on setting environment variables for ‘Devices’ and ‘Applications’.
This is tested and working with dotnet core 2.2.

@rhysjtevans that’s awesome! Thank you for sharing your work, others will find it really useful.