Different results after first boot


I’ve got a container running home-assistant, and on first boot it works wonderfully; it’s a bash script that clones/updates a git repo, then calls python -m homeassistant --config /data.

On the first run, it works as expected and starts up. but after an application restart or a device reboot I suddenly get /usr/local/bin/python: No module named homeassistant. How can this be possible?

If I change from armhf/python to python image and build it on x86_64 and it can run and re-run as expected without issues (all libs have support for arm and seem to work fine on first boot).

Does anyone have any ideas what might be happening here?


Clearly not enough sleep for me today. I changed paths and was running the module directly from the path, and not as an installed module.


Hi Justin,

I’m glad you got it resolved. Please let us know if you encounter any other issues with it!