Devices offline after OS upgrade

After upgrading BalenaOS three of my devices did not come back online.
Two upgraded from 2.101.7 to 2.108.18+rev2
One from 2.98.11 to 2.108.18+rev2

Do you see them successfully complete the OS update? Are you able to access any of the device physically to check if powering and connecting to network i.e. you can locally connect?

What is the hardware for these three devices. Also, it would be great if you could share some logs from the device.

The OS update wasn’t successful afaik as it still shows the old version in the dashboard. The machines are offline there is no way I can access them.
We’ll send someone to check the devices physically asap, but there shouldn’t be any problem with that as they were working for long before the update. However let’s hope a power cycle solves the problem.
The HW is a Raspberry pi 4 compute module.
There are no logs as I cannot access the devices

@pablo.burgos could you please confirm that the devices are still not online?

If you could boot up again them, let us know, as we would like to research more what happened during this HostOS update.

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We were able to send someone to power cycle them manually

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@pablo.burgos are they working properly now?

Yes, after manually power cycling them. They are now updated