Device restarted, Container displayed running but not running and no new log output

Because of powerloss I had to restart one of my devices.
But after restart I have a strange situation:
Device displayed as online, Containern shown running, but my Application is not really running amd there is only old log displayed. If I restart container nothing happens. Also when I reboot the device situation is same.
What happened here?

Hi. Can you share the dashboard link to your device and also enable support access for it please?

Access granted, link send in private message. Thanks in advance.

Thanks. We will look into it and come back to you

Hi. It looked like chronyd service was failing and preventing the supervisor to start the container. Restarted the container and it looks like it is running fine.
Can you please check it on your side?

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The problem with chrony should be fixed on OS releases starting with version 2.14.1 onwards

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Thanks. Its working without any problem again.
Great support. :slight_smile: