Device hung in "Stopping" state



I wanted to look into this now but it seems the device is offline. Did you take it down offline?



Looks like the user has taken it offline. I’ll advise if and when it’s back up for you guys to take a look.



We will keep an eye on this thread and try to check the device as soon as you have it confirmed online.


Maybe you can have a look at this one in the mean time:



I fixed the device. It was in a state where the supervisor container was stuck in removal state ( From resinOS 2.0.7 we will have a new docker version which will have this bug (and many other) fixed.


Awesome, thank you. I am trying to get all the devices upgraded, but it is a slow process.


Sure. By the way: the version which I mentioned above is not released to production. Hopefully we will do it next week.