/dev/vchiq is too restricted on Raspberry Pi 4 production image

Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) has the following permissions:

crw-rw---- 1 root video 243, 0 Oct 26 07:17 /dev/vchiq

Using the Raspberry Pi 4 production image, /dev/vchiq has the following permissions:

crw------- 1 root root 243, 0 Aug  6 07:25 /dev/vchiq

Can you please allow users in the video group access to this device in your image? I’m unable to get a non-root user to run omxplayer

The workaround that I have in place is:

  • Entering the HostOS Terminal and running:
chmod 777 /dev/vchiq

and then restarting the container / service in question. This is reset after every reboot of the host.


Unfortunately, adding such change would require a operating system update to include it so is not a trivial task.
However, you can automate your workaround in a custom boot script as described here: Custom Boot Action/Script

Thanks for your message!

Hi, a better way to achieve this would be to add a custom udev rule that will change the device node permissions on detection. See https://www.balena.io/docs/reference/OS/configuration/#udevrules on documentation about customer udev rules.

Thank you @alexgg & @kaisoz for taking a look!

I’ve gone off and implemented this approach and it works well:

Thank you!