/dev/disk2: Source and Destination checksum do not match: blah blah

Hi Everyone,

Before I start I would like to point out I use a MacBook I seen post here before with same problem but on a windows machine.

I am trying to install RetroPie on my Raspberry pi 3b. I downloaded RetroPie’s .img file.

So this is what I have done:
I have opened Etcher selected the img file, selected my flash pen which has my SD card inside (Sandisk 16GB) and I clicked on Flash.

It took about 30minutes to flash it, then another 10minutes to validate it. It then says Flash complete but below it a red marker saying 1 Failed Device.

The message underpinning the 1 Failed Device is as follows: "/dev/disk2: Source and Destination checksum do not match: 8d29 blah blah (more of the same) See Below for image.

I am new to Raspberry pi and Etcher so not the most advanced. I was just wondering if a kind soul can help me through this or if anyone incurred the same problem and what you did to find a solution. I would be very grateful if you can help me fix this.

Thanks in advance.

This is the error message I am getting.

Screenshot 2020-05-01 at 23.00.59

Hello, 30 mins is a very long time to write an image, which suggests there may be an issue with the card. The message is pointing out that the data read from the card during verification does not match the data it expected to find after the flash, this can also suggest issues with the card. SD cards unforunately fail over time, and vary a lot in reliability and durability (We usually recommend Sandisk extreme pro). Do you have another card you could try?

Hi there – I’m just checking in to see if you’ve had any luck with a different SD card? We usually recommend SanDisk Extreme Pro cards.

All the best,