determine running container version and force re-push of latest container version

Our Balena devices are composed of three docker images. The download of all three docker images appears to be triggered by the build of one of the docker images.

The problem we have is if we update one of the other two docker images, that new version is not pushed to the device unless the image that triggers updates is updated. Reboot and Restart does not appear to cause the updated docker images to be pushed to the edge, even though the one running in the edge is not the :latest vesion.

Is there a way to query what versions of the docker containers are running? (ideally from the Balena dashboard)

Is there a way to force Balena to re-deploy the :latest or a specific docker version to a running edge? i.e. like a cli command?

Hi there Greg, I think the information you are seeking is contained on the ‘Releases’ page, which will show you the chronological view of what has has been deployed. You can find the info on that, here:

You can also control a device’s behavior by pinning it to a specific release, which you can find here:

Finally, regarding forcing a re-deploy, you absolutely can trigger a full build using the CLI, with the ‘–nocache’ flag, as shown here:

Hope that helps, thanks!