Custom dtbo files and BalenaOS update under BalenaCloud

Hi everyone,

We have a custom board based on CM3 Raspberry Pi module.
Our system will require 2 custom overlay files ( .dtbo) to be copied into /boot/overlays

We will use BalenaCloud for our fleet management.
Question :
If BalenaOS is updated via BalenaCloud. Will our custom .dtbo files be preserve inside /boot/overlays directory ?
In other words. How to add custom overlay .dtbo files to balenaOS making sure they will be persistent across balenaOS updates?

Thank you

Hi there, from what I understand of the update system they dtbos will stay there as long as the upstream doesn’t add overlays with the exact same name. For example if the name of your dtbo was very generic like i2c.dtbo, there is a good chance that at some point in the future this would be added and overwrite your dtbo. So the suggestion would be to namespace your dtbo to something specific to you, like mycompany-i2c.dtbo

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Thanks @shaunmulligan