Custom Balena build for non-supported device, how to link to the cloud

We have created a custom build of BalenaOS for the Solidrun gateway, which has been succesfull and it boots.

We are now trying to link the device to our Balena Cloud environment, but are unclear how to proceed.

The only way we seem to link the device is by downloading a prepackaged release from the Balena Cloud site (where the solidrun is not listed as a target, as this is our own build)

Should we:

  • Apply to get the image they prepared as a approved hardware on the balenaCloud?
  • Is there a way we can add a custom target platform to the balenaCloud?
  • Is there another way to create an application in BalenaCloud that target the solidrun platform and make sure any devices flashed with this application link to our Balena Cloud account?

Could you point us to a document how to proceed?

Hi @bastiaan We used to support the solidrun boards but we discontinued them at some point. Here is the layer: GitHub - balena-os/balena-fsl-arm: Balena support for Freescale boards
Did you happen to use these layers like those in that repository?