Crypto-currency miners

I’m guessing Monero is not the only cryptocurrency whose users want to set up nodes easily managed remotely :currency_exchange:

Scouting github, found a pair of projects by alberttwong, creating a resin-bitcoin-miner and a resin-ethereum-miner node. They seem to be work in progress projects, but they are also very educational, and seems very interesting how he’s trying to solve certain issues related to how Docker + persistent data (the blockchain) is not an ideal match.

If you have any feedback on this, consider contributing to his work! :tools:


You can store the blockchain in the /data and you won’t have problems. The problem is that it takes a while for it to replicate. You’ll have that problem regardless of which platform you pick.

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Every coin has store blockchain on github… It is open source to everyone

but its fine that that they are using different nodes because it will be is more safe.

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