Configure ethernet connection behind proxy on RPi4 BalenaOS

Hi, i flashed balenaOS on my RPI4 and i chose the ethernet+WiFi connection to create the image, but my WiFi connection is very unstable (i’m using a hotspot of mobile) so i would like to use ethernet, the problem is what i’m behind a proxy, so the default setting will not work. Is there any way to configure an ethernet connection?

Hello, you can see how to connect behind a proxy here

Hi @dimitrisnl, i saw this post, but in this configuration there is no options for username/password and i do not have an IP of the proxy, but just domain name, would it be fine, or i should discover the IP. Theport number for proxy should be like is written in config file, or it shoild be replaced with our? The file and folder for the redsocks.conf should be created on microSD?

Hi, you may use a domain name instead of an address like this ip =;. For username and password you may set login = "foobar"; and password = "baz";. I took those from the example config on the redsocks repository:
The /mnt/boot folder you see from inside the device on the host OS correspond to the root folder of the SD card, so you will need to place the redsocks.conf file inside the system-proxy folder of the SD card.

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