Compatible Balena OS version overview

Is there somewhere a clean overview which kind of Balena OS version can be deployed for example on the Fin without checking it in the Balena Cloud Dashboard?

Hi @flo356, on this page: balenaOS - Run Docker containers on embedded IoT devices? of the balena website, if you scroll to ‘select your device type’ and then type in the device you are using you will be able to see which release of balenaOS that device is currently using and the architecture of the device. You can also see a full list of our supported devices here too!

Dear @Lizzieepton, thanks for your note. This definitely helps. Is it also possible to retrieve kind of the history of which OS versions were released before?

Hi there, you can use the balena CLI to fetch the OS versions that have been released for a given device type, described here: balena CLI Documentation - Balena Documentation . This requires you to know the devicetype slug for the device that you want to check (found here: Machine names and architectures - Balena Documentation) . For example to get the OS versions available for the fin, you would use:

balena os versions fincm3

Alternatively, you could also use the node or python sdk to do the same thing, demonstrated here: Balena Node.js SDK - Balena Documentation