Cloud mounting storage

Hi everyone,

I am wondering how can I mount the recorded data from a microphone deployed on balenafin automatically onto the google drive. Thank you.

I think you would need to make a service that uses Google Drive API to update the file content.

Another way would be to find some Linux CLI tool that uploads a file/folder to GDrive and then run it in a container that mounts the same docker volume that is used by a container producing the image. I guess such CLI tools should exist, but I haven’t used them.

Let us know about your progress or if there is anything else we can help with.

@roman-mazur Thanks for response.

I am wondering how to build the connection between Google API and balenafin to automatically store files? Is there any specific instructions?

Hey there,
Unfortunately as of now, we do not have any specific instructions.
As Roman suggested, perhaps you can try the second approach

  1. create a volume where you store the files [see:]
  2. use a linux google drive client to sync that volume to your drive

Hope this is helpful.
We would like to know if you get this working :slight_smile:


Hi, I will continue with this topic as I am currently processing it. Does this approach means that I still need to store the files on the BalenaFin onboard storage first (volume), and then to sync with google drive?

If it does, is there any alternative way to just directly store files on google drive without storing on BalenaFin first? Thank you

Hi @Xia, sounds like you’d like to stream the data directly to a cloud location. Depending on the file size, your connection bandwidth and the tool you use, you might achieve that fine. Then it’s safer to cache / locally write the data before the upload phase – to make sure you don’t lose data.

I haven’t used it myself but you could look into a solution like rclone:

I see that my teammates are working on a project about syncing files from balena device to cloud storage. They might chime in here. Also be on the lookout for future balena projects that could guide you here.

Let us know how it goes and what you implement. I’m interested in such a solution myself : )

@gelbal Thanks gelbal. Probably few pictures and one sentence for each transmission. I will give a try first.