Check release version on preloaded image

I had a feature working in a preloaded image, but not Im not sure what release was preloaded and hoping to find out so I can test on that release.

I am able to find the delta from hostOS but cannot figure out which app release it is.

Any ideas?

Hello Dylan,
Can you tell us more about the issue you are facing? Here are some questions from our side, that would help:

  1. By using a preloaded image, are you referring to balena preload Do you have any further information on what image was preloaded or which device are you using? Any details would help.
  2. Can you pass us the delta ID that you found, we can use that to check further details.

Hey thanks for getting back.

To give you some context I am working on loading a sound driver i2s Mems Microphone on RaspberryPi -> Balena

Was able to get it working but after rebooting the driver was not loaded correctly. I was attempting to get back to the correct release. I have since been able to replicate this issue, it is very strange, as I will have to change releases constantly to get it to work.

To address your questions. Yes I did a balena preload with the latest release, but since pushed released, so I was trying to pin down the release with the winning configuration.

I will have to pass on the delta ID in the AM.

Hi Dylan, just to clarify are you trying to ascertain the release by reading the SD card files?


This is not longer an issue but that was the goal.

Hi Dylan. Sounds like you solved it a different way. I would still like to answer your question even if its only useful for reference. I asked the engineers who developed the preload functionality and will get back to you when we have an answer.


I am aware that you solved your problem in a different way, but if you need to find the preloaded release from an image in the future, there is an apps.json in the data partition which contains this information.

Kind regards


Thanks! I’ll check this out.