Change Application Type

When I create my fleets in balena-CLI, my application type output is like given below,

But, when I create my fleets in dashboard, my application type output is like given below,

What does the application type depend on and how can I change application type?

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Hello, thank you for your question @berfin.kacmaz

could you please tell more context of what type of fleet you create through balena-CLI and through balenaCloud? are they exactly the same type of fleet?


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As I understand from balena dashboard usage while creating fleets we select application type like “essentials” , “starter”, “microservices” etc,

To enable device public URL I think we need application type which is corresponding application type id 5. So, I want to create a fleet with application type 5, but I am getting an error.

When I run this code block on openbalena server I get previous error.

balenaSdk.models.application.create({ name: ‘Change_App’, applicationType: ‘microservices’, deviceType: ‘beaglebone-black’, organization: 1}).then(function(application) { console.log(application); });

Would you mind to explain how can I achieve enabling public url of device on open balena server?

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

@berfin.kacmaz i’m checking why do you get the microservices error.

However openBalena does not allow straightforward to get a public device URL. You can read more here Public-url enable Error - #10 by richbayliss

This feature does not depend on the application_type

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I understand. Thank you so much :slight_smile: :sunflower:

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@berfin.kacmaz about the application_type on openBalena we only have the “default” application type. This have the “same” features that microservices offers in the balenaCloud, so you can avoid that parameter on the sdk create call.

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Thank you so much @mpous

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