cant set supervisor versione in yocto

Hi all,

I am trying to compile balenaos for imx8 but whatever I try I can’t set the supervisor version.

This is the command I’m launching:
balena-yocto-scripts/build/barys --shared-downloads $(pwd)/cache/yocto-shared/shared-downloads/ --shared-sstate $(pwd)/cache/yocto-shared/shared-sstate/ -m “$MACHINE” --supervisor-version “$SUPERVISOR_VERSION” --additional-variable “SUPERVISOR_TAG=$SUPERVISOR_VERSION”

Where SUPERVISOR_VERSION is set to v11.7.3

But I always find the default version for the os (12.10.10).

Any suggestions? I also tried with --supervisor-version only.

Os version is 2.85


Hi, could you please confirm what device repository and device type are you using? My guess is that the local.conf.sample file for that repository has not been updated from SUPERVISOR_TAG to SUPERVISOR_VERSION, but I need the exact details to be sure.

You could also try to modify your local.conf file and replace SUPERVISOR_TAG for SUPERVISOR_VERSION. In vim, :%s/SUPERVISOR_TAG/SUPERVISOR_VERSION/g will do.

Hi @federicod,

We just wanted to check back in and see if you could share with us the device repository and device type you’re using? If you share that info with us, we can help get this corrected. Thank you!