Cannot not connect to vpn tunnel after renewing certs

hi all, i’ve been running an openbalena 2.0.0 server for a couple years now,
recently the certificates of my openbalena server expired so i followed [VPN Certs seems to be expired - #10 by wolf_karl]

The api is now working ok and i can list apps and devices with no problem. Mi issue is with the vpn tunneling, I’ve been using proxytunnel to connect to devices but after re creating the certificates I get the following message from the vpn container every time i try to fordward a new connection.

Nov 19 11:46:16 0fd5ab5fdf13 balena-connect-proxy[186]: info: tunnel requested to device d0a4bdb4ff8840bd5b40e999327201348dbf822fe97959d4eea4e013d6e717 on port 22222
Nov 19 11:46:16 0fd5ab5fdf13 balena-connect-proxy[186]: info: forwarding tunnel request for d0a4bdb4ff8840bd5b40e999327201348dbf822fe97959d4eea4e013d6e717:22222 via
error: error forwarding request for d0a4bdb4ff8840bd5b40e999327201348dbf822fe97959d4eea4e013d6e717:22222 (could not connect to vpn tunnel: connect ETIMEDOUT

Why is it trying to connect to it looks like a docker local ip but there are no containers registered with such address.

I need help here, thanks in advance.

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