Can you upgrade the kernel to 5.10?

I am using the JamHat with the new improved GPIO Interface and to use the button debounce on the JamHat it required kernel 5.10

Here are more details on why I need to use the debounce

And here is a video on the new userspace GPIO api

Hi there,
which version of BalenaOS are you using? the only way of “updating” the kernel, is updating the OS

Hi, BalenaOS is a Yocto based distribution and it uses the community meta-raspberrypi layer (meta-raspberrypi/recipes-kernel/linux at master · agherzan/meta-raspberrypi · GitHub), so we follow the kernel updates from the community. As such, I don’t have a timeline for an update to a 5.10 based kernel.
What I can suggest is that you implement software de-bouncing on the library or the application for the time being.

Thanks for the suggestion I tried with software debouncing, but it is not as good as the one from the kernel.

When you say that you follow kernel updates from the community what does that mean?
RPI 4 already has kernel 5.10 if this is what you mean. All I did was to run sudo rpi-update

Also looking at the RPI forums 5.10 is the official latest kernel already


We use Yocto to build our balenaOS images.
Each board that we support has a BSP layer, which is named something like meta-raspberrypi.

The ones for Raspberry Pi 4 come from the project that my colleague linked i.e. this one. So this means that once the support for the newer kernel ends up in this repo, we’d be in a position to create a balenaOS image from that.

So a good place to track progress would be on that repo.

Thanks, I will open an issue there, That is really helpful!

ok according to the reply in that repo 5.10 is already available.

Thanks for reaching back to us with this, I will check in about this with the OS team.

Hi, you are right that 5.10 is available but it is still a development version in meta-raspberrypi (you can say that by the recipe name Though you can technically use it when building your OS this is not something we would do for balenaOS. That said the latest stable version in meta-raspberrypi is 5.4 at this moment, after they make 5.10 stable we will pick the update. As this does not depend on us we have no time frame for the update unfortunately.

ok got I will ask when will it be promoted to stable.

The amazing maintainer Andrei added 5.10 to the production build. What is the timeline to have in balena as well now?

Hey @krasi-georgiev, is there a specific RPI model that you are using (eg 4, 3, 3 64-bit, etc)? I’m opening a ticket to track the new kernel support and I’d like to be device specific, at least initially.

Yes I use RPI 4

Thanks Krasi, I will pass that over to the team!

Much appreciated, if possible could you ask some rough estimation on when to expect it. Not looking for an ETA, more like a rough idea of what is the usual turnaround.

Yep, I will see if we can come up with just an approximation, sure thing. :slight_smile:

Bumping the layer to pick up the new kernel version should be easy enough but the timing of balenaOS releases is typically bound to the testing that goes in before public release. I’d still need the OS team’s input for a more accurate estimate, but if I had to guess I’d say you’re looking into a 2-4 weeks timeframe.

Ok thanks for the update, if there is a way I would be glad to help with the testing for the actual app that needs this.

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