Can overclock my Raspberry Pi?

Hey, without a /boot/config.txt file I don’t know if it’s possible to overclock my Raspberry Pi 4.
I have a proper fan and heat-sink so they can be stable at 1,8GHz or 1,9GHz.
Any way to speed up?

Hey @manuti actually your Pi has a config.txt file but the way to add / change its contents using balena is by adding / changing the device configuration variables on your device. Check here for more info on how to do this.

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Thanks. I’ll try soon.

OK, I added this in Device configuration in this order to avoid boot problems:

BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_over_voltage 4

The device reboot after adding the variable, and after booting again add:

BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_arm_freq 1900

If 1900 and 4 is to much you can try 1800 and 3
Finger cross and checking stability and performance achieved.