Building a digital scale powered by Balena blocks

Hi there, I am trying to build a digital scale powered by balena blocks.

For this project is to link a new scale block that I am creating to the existing connector block and then link it to a dashboard that displays the values measured.

We will use mqtt to transmit data from the scale block to the connector.

The goal of this project is to enable anyone reuse the scale in multiple ways (and even get data from distributed scales).

I will update this post with pictures as the project progresses

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@olamiko sounds super exciting! looking forward to test the scale :slight_smile:

Thank you @mpous. I finally got the scale block working properly and in the next couple of days I intend to make the scale block more robust.

I built a scale-like structure, to test the block. See pictures below.

The scale block can be used as a drop-in addition to the device. Currently I’m using it in conjunction with the connector block and dashboard block

Lessons learned as a rookie working on his first RPI project:

  • Always solder your pins to the holes in board. I spent hours wondering why I was getting inconsistent results but it was due to the lack of proper contact between the pins and the board.

Building the scale (don’t forget, rookie :slight_smile: )

Pictures of the scale working

More pictures

Forgive my picture taking skills, will get better pictures

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