Browser not fullscreen


Using this project: GitHub - balena-labs-projects/browser: A drop-in web browser block

I’ve exported a Unity3D WebGL build to run in a container which shows on the browser successfully. There are white borders around the browser however showing scrollbars. I think It’s because the browser hasn’t been “focused” so that the app can’t fully set the view to fullscreen mode itself.

Heres the compose settings:

    build: ./Containers/Browser
    restart: always
    network_mode: host
    privileged: true
      - ENABLE_GPU=1
      - FLAGS= --start-fullscreen --use-gl --window-size=1920,1080


my first glance at the code it seems like not “real” fullscreen just a full screen sized window.
Either way if your content is the same size as the window and the window has some padding it probably displays a scrollbar.
I would try to increase the window size with few pixels and decrease the window position with the same amount, so the padding will be outside of the screen.

The window-size and the start-fullscreen flag does not look right at the same line.
The container itself has also a window-size parameter. I would play with those 3 to see which combination works the best.
If you know the size of your content probably taking that to account like the pading in the idea above.

Thanks! That totally fixed it, now there’s just some artfiacts/graphic glitches with moving objects. I’ve had this on all Unity3D exported builds sadly… Seen this behaviour before?