Bluetooth-audio continously restarts

I have pushed BalenaSound to a Raspberry Pi 3 and bluetooth-audio service = Running but, I cannot see the bluetooth device from my mobile.

balenaOS 2.43.0+rev1

Blockquote13.10.19 01:18:29 (-0500) Service exited ‘spotify sha256:fda568bf031e09cda174829859000212be9ebd598a17298a2d448db7e2d0ca0d’
13.10.19 01:18:31 (-0500) Service exited ‘airplay sha256:eb018d8ed9b9318948bbb8710bd2bce311430890c269888a21b56d516c3ce7ef’
13.10.19 01:18:45 (-0500) Restarting service ‘airplay sha256:eb018d8ed9b9318948bbb8710bd2bce311430890c269888a21b56d516c3ce7ef’
13.10.19 01:18:45 (-0500) Service exited ‘airplay sha256:eb018d8ed9b9318948bbb8710bd2bce311430890c269888a21b56d516c3ce7ef’
13.10.19 01:18:50 (-0500) Restarting service ‘spotify sha256:fda568bf031e09cda174829859000212be9ebd598a17298a2d448db7e2d0ca0d’
13.10.19 01:18:50 (-0500) Service exited ‘spotify sha256:fda568bf031e09cda174829859000212be9ebd598a17298a2d448db7e2d0ca0d’
13.10.19 01:18:58 (-0500) Service exited ‘bluetooth-audio sha256:fae0f134e3d50a20c8126ddd9637082a7d92d464c8ee811fc5da985f0f6b4009’
13.10.19 01:18:58 (-0500) Restarting service ‘bluetooth-audio sha256:fae0f134e3d50a20c8126ddd9637082a7d92d464c8ee811fc5da985f0f6b4009’
13.10.19 01:17:08 (-0500) /usr/bin/env: ‘bash\r’: No such file or directory
13.10.19 01:17:42 (-0500) /usr/bin/env: ‘bash\r’: No such file or directory
13.10.19 01:18:50 (-0500) /usr/bin/env: ‘bash\r’: No such file or directory

Hi there @saxonpaul92 and welcome to the forums! Thanks for trying balenaSound.

If you happen to be using Windows, it looks like the issue you’re seeing is the same as this one: Can´t find my device when searching for bluetooth devices

The solution is to change your local git configuration to retain line endings, see here:

Alternatively you can download the .zip file of the project instead of using git.

Let me know if this helps

Reimaged the sdcard, deleted the device and re-added it.

Downloaded Balena-Sound from git.


From inside the unzipped Balena-Sound directory

balena push BalenaSound

Software is built and uploaded.

Services are started. I shutdown airplay and spotify to make logs easier to read.

Same problem as before --> is not found and I am unable to bring up a terminal for the service. See pic.

In your logs, I can see that /usr/bin/env 'bash\r' is missing - this looks like bad line termination when Git downloaded the source. Are you running Windows? I say this because Git for Windows has a “feature” where it will convert traditional DOS line endings to Unix, and vise-versa, when checking out and committing. This looks like your problem.