Balenasound / Streaming to dual-mono setup


I would like to use balenasound to stream music around my house:

  • living room (stereo)
  • kitchen (dual mono)
  • dining room (dual mono)
  • bath room (dual mono)

The stereo part works, but any tips how configure a dual mono setup?

On HifiBerry there is a small guide for a dual-mono setup, but I can’t figure out yet how this can be integrated in balenasound.

Thank you,

Hi, a quick suggestion I have would be to get a stereo to dual mono cable and try it with one of your dual mono speakers.

Thanks @roman-mazur

Didn’t know that existed :+1:

We could potentially support it natively in balenaSound, if we “merged” asound configuration mentioned in the hifiberry post with what we have in balenaSound.

So if you do have a hifiberry board and want to play with it, it’s what you could start by. Let us know if you decide to go that way - we’ll be happy to hear about the progress.

But the adapter solution should be quick and say one, so long as the sound quality is acceptable for you. I imagine that the hifiberry board setup would be much more flexible.

I will go for the quick solution for now.

Once I have some hifiberry boards I’ll share my progress with the native approach :+1: