balenaSense - Bosch BSEC generic release missing


So it looks like Bosch have wiped the v1.4.8.0 release from their site again, even the official download behind an email activation states but actually provides bsec_2.0.6.1…

Can someone who has a copy of this provide a github link in order to update the balena-sense/Dockerfile.template at master · balenalabs/balena-sense · GitHub file?


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Any support on this?

Hi there,
Thanks for pointing this out. We can confirm that this version no longer builds.
We are working on the balenaSense v2 and this is something we can have fixed in the new version. Unfortunately, I cannot give you an ETA at the moment. We’ll keep you posted on that.


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Hi Georgiats,

Thank you so much for getting back on this one, do you know if the hardware used on the exisiting integration is still suitable with the current v2 build that is being worked on?

Otherwise, is there any subscription I can make to ensure I am notified of a new release?

@kekkers I just had a quick look to see if we could update v1 of the project to use a new version of BSEC in the meantime but it’s not a drop in replacement.

I can tell you though that version 2 will still support the BME680 (amongst others) and avoid using the BSEC library to stop this problem occurring in the future.

As for notifications, you can set up those on GitHub directly using the ‘watch’ function. If you watch for new PRs or releases you should be notified: GitHub - balenalabs/balena-sense: Take readings from a BME680 sensor or Sense-HAT on a Pi or Pi Zero, store with InfluxDB and view with Grafana

I hope this helps!

@chrisys Thanks for jumping on this thread and checking the versioning. Alas I shall eagerly await the next release :slight_smile: