BalenaOS (Pi Zero W) will not reboot after config change

Hello! i am trying to set up Balena OS on my Pi zero. the flash and initial setup went well. However when i attempt to add variabled to the host config either via the dashboard or directly, BalenaOS will not connect back to the VPN. The ACT light is solid green. The config i am changing is fr the /boot/config.txt for my screen. The site with the listed changes is directly below.

I have also copied the logs below from the dashboard

05.03.21 01:46:33 (-0500) Supervisor starting
05.03.21 01:46:49 (-0500) Applying configuration change {“SUPERVISOR_POLL_INTERVAL”:“900000”,“SUPERVISOR_DELTA_VERSION”:“3”}
05.03.21 01:46:53 (-0500) Applied configuration change {“SUPERVISOR_POLL_INTERVAL”:“900000”,“SUPERVISOR_DELTA_VERSION”:“3”}
05.03.21 01:46:55 (-0500) Creating network ‘default’
05.03.21 01:56:18 (-0500) Supervisor starting
05.03.21 01:56:24 (-0500) Applying configuration change {“SUPERVISOR_DELTA”:“1”}
05.03.21 01:56:24 (-0500) Applied configuration change {“SUPERVISOR_DELTA”:“1”}
05.03.21 02:10:00 (-0500) Supervisor starting
05.03.21 11:59:45 (-0500) Rebooting
05.03.21 12:02:37 (-0500) Supervisor starting
05.03.21 12:25:04 (-0500) Applying boot config: {“disable_splash”:“1”,“dtoverlay”:[“dpi24”],“dtparam”:[“i2c_arm=on”,“spi=on”,“audio=on”],“enable_uart”:“1”,“gpu_mem”:“16”}
05.03.21 12:25:06 (-0500) Applied boo

Hey there, just to confirm the value you are setting in the dashboard is BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlay=dpi24 or RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlay=dpi24 ? Are there any other config vars you are providing from that URL?

Can you provide the version of balenaOS you are running and confirm the device type as shown in the dashboard? You can also just copy-paste the results of cat /etc/os-release from the host OS terminal.

I used RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlay=dpi24. The same format for all of the lines listed on that site for pi zero. I also attempted adding them directly to the config page with the same effect.

Hi there, can you read through this forum thread to see if any of the steps in there could help? Perhaps starting with disabled audio and checking if the latest dtb is on the boot partition.

i have disabled audio without any resolution. It seems as the dpi24 may be having issues? however it works fine on my Pi4. The screen also works fine when i edit the config file beforehand and then run initial boot, however the boot will hang with:

ttys ttyso: 10 input overrun(s)

dtoverlay=dpi24 allows the screen to function but causses the input overun error and will not finish boot. removing this will allow boot and functioning of the device/ application but not allow the screen to function.


It looks like somebody answered you in this forum thread?

I found this in the README at firmware/boot/overlays at master · raspberrypi/firmware · GitHub

Name:   dpi24
Info:   Overlay for a generic 24-bit DPI display
        This uses GPIOs 0-27 (so no I2C, uart etc.), and activates the output
        2-3 seconds after the kernel has started.
Load:   dtoverlay=dpi24
Params: <None>