Balena "Supervisor" process does not restart after a device is "Shut Down" from BalenaCloud

I had to power down one of my balenasense devices on my starter plan a bit ago. I noticed that there was a “shut down” option in the device UI in BalenaCloud, so I tried that and noted that it powered off successfully.

However, upon attempting to restart the device and begin collecting data again, I noticed that the device shows as “Online” but the applications were not starting and could not be restarted. I ran diagnostics and noticed that the Supervisor process was not started and it’s not clear that there is a way to start that process either from the balena CLI, from the device’s terminal (connected to Host OS), or via console (keyboard + screen).

The device in-question is a Raspberry Pi Zero W. Any thoughts or ideas? Is this a bug or a known issue?

Hello and welcome to the forums!

What version of balenaOS are you running?
Regarding the supervisor, it is very uncommon that it needs to be manually restarted as it usually recovers automatically. To obtain more information about the failure please check its logfile with journalctl -b -a -f -u resin-supervisor from the hostOS.

Unfortunately the only method to correct the situation was to completely destroy the application, re-flash the device’s storage, and rebuild/redeploy. If I get time this weekend, I’ll try to replicate the issue.

Thanks for the update. Let us know if you encounter this issue again and how to reproduce it on our end.