BalenaOS Package List/License

Hi all,

I’m chasing a bit of help getting together a list of all the packages installed as part of the intel-nuc BalenaOS image so I can ensure I am properly adhering to all the various licenses.

Digging through the repos I’m struggling to find the build for intel-nuc with all the build stages I can extract a list of packages from.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.


Happy to help, balenaOS is based on Yocto Linux which builds operating systems layer by layer. A simple way to understand what all build layers are going to be used for balenaOS images for intel-nuc is to check submodules present in the balena-intel repository. These submodules are the actual layers that make up the build and could be the reference you are looking for,

In Yocto builds, one of the artifacts after the build is a manifest file that lists out all packages present in a balenaOS image. We have a created a balenaOS manifest explorer for that purpose.

Also, check out this StackOverflow post.

Wow, an amazing answer as usual.

Sometimes I think with Balena there is so much good information its hard to find exactly what your looking for sometimes.


We would indeed like to make finding these answer useful. Please do provide feedback in how we can better surface these insights or solutions to help users like you.