BalenaOS on Rock PI 4B +


I wanted to give BalenaOS a try and to my surprise, y’all support Rock PI 4B. However, it looks like you do not support Rock PI 4B +.

I was able to configure balena-cli in Ubuntu and come up with these results:

noah@hq:~$ sudo /home/noah/balena-cli/balena --debug local configure ~/Downloads/rockpi-4b-rk3399-2.95.8+rev1-v12.11.38.img
[debug] new argv=[/home/noah/balena-cli/balena,/snapshot/versioned-source/bin/balena,local:configure,/home/noah/Downloads/rockpi-4b-rk3399-2.95.8+rev1-v12.11.38.img] length=4
[debug] Deprecation check: Cache miss for the balena CLI next major version release date.
[debug] Will query
No such file or directory: /home/noah/Downloads/rockpi-4b-rk3399-2.95.8+rev1-v12.11.38.img

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘/home/noah/Downloads/rockpi-4b-rk3399-2.95.8+rev1-v12.11.38.img’

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Before I give up entirely, is there any solution for the Rock PI 4B+ ? It has the RK3399(OP1) CPU, which is apparently slightly different than the RK3399.

Please let me know.

Hi there,

I believe that rockpi4b+ should be supported by the rockpi-4b-rk3399 OS image. The logs you have shared just indicate that the CLI can’t find a file ~/Downloads/rockpi-4b-rk3399-2.95.8+rev1-v12.11.38.img, not that the image won’t boot with a rockpi 4b+ — Is there definitely an image at that path on your local machine?

I’ve been running Balena on this Rock Pi 4B+ for over a month. Only problem seems to be overheating, and my model has eMMC, and it uses that instead of the sd card.

Hi there - wondering what image do you use to flash?

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