BalenaOs on BBB does not install when the Beaglebone cape comm2 is plugged in

BalenaOs does not install when the cape comm2 is plugged in but with the Beaglebone black alone it does. And after the installation with the BBB alone, i tried to plug the cape and then the device become offline on baleanCloud. I dont know if i missed something, do you have any suggestions ?

Hi @neo,

Thanks for reaching out to the balena. Can you share some logs from the device ? Possibly anything pointing to network connect reset/interruption.

Also, do you see the device coming back online or it just doesn’t with the cape?


Hi @nitish,

thanks you for answering my question. When i use the sd card with the BBB image and press the button without the cape comm2, everything is ok, i got the logs and my app is running well. I can unplug the BBB and plug it again, the device get back online in a few minutes and the app is running well again.

But if i execute the same process but i insert the cape comm2, the device remains offline and the terminal display “The terminal is unavailable because your device is not connected to the VPN”.


Hi, you can try flash the development version of BalenaOS on the device, and then use a usb-uart cable to connect to the serial console of the device. You can then check the boot logs on uart with the cape on, to see if the device booted properly and if there is internet connectivity.