balenaOS 2.83.10+rev1 browser block crash loop

Host OS version: balenaOS 2.83.10+rev1
Supervisor version: 12.10.1

Service exited 'browser sha256:a0f9e37a1bedf30a78a03038b3fe64e90bb67cf9adc11a4372d0111ae5c3e6c5'
Restarting service 'browser sha256:a0f9e37a1bedf30a78a03038b3fe64e90bb67cf9adc11a4372d0111ae5c3e6c5'
 browser  Running balena base image entrypoint...
 browser  setting xserver-xorg-legacy/xwrapper/allowed_users from configuration file
 browser  Using default chromium flags
 browser  Disabling GPU acceleration
 browser  Adding user settings directory
 browser  Using fullscreen: 1920,1080
 browser  Using default window position
 browser  Enabling kiosk mode
 browser  Disabling cursor
Service exited 'browser sha256:a0f9e37a1bedf30a78a03038b3fe64e90bb67cf9adc11a4372d0111ae5c3e6c5'

User pymoreau reports downgrading to v2.80.5+rev1 fixes the issue here:

Support access can be granted if needed.

Hi @edorgeville, would you be able to share your docker compose file?

Hi @danthegoodman1, here it is!

version: '2.0'
    image: balenablocks/browser:latest
    privileged: true # required for UDEV to find plugged in peripherals such as a USB mouse
      ENABLE_GPU: 0
      KIOSK: 0
      TZ: America/Toronto

Please also look at this: balenaOS RPi 3/4 or balenaBrowser graphics issues - #2 by chrisys
Its probably the same issue.

@edorgeville - I had success with the 2.80.3 on RPi 3, this could get you back into the game until its fixed :slight_smile:

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Hi @edorgeville,

Thank you for reporting this. We found that in 2.83.10+rev1 we have disabled user namespacing as a security measure. However Chromium relies on it for starting the browser in a sandbox process. We are looking into the best way of sorting this here:
We are also working out how to stop this being an issue in the browser block here:

For now you can use OS version 2.82.10+rev1 without issue, and we’ll let you know when the issues have been resolved.


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Hi @phil-d-wilson, thanks for the details.
Seeing that PR #83 was merged and the changelogs updated, I suppose the issue is fixed for the browser block.
Thanks again!