BalenaDash - photos service question (error)


Trying to get balena dash working on a RP 3+. I successfully deployed services (photos, scheduler, wifi-connect, wpe) but can’t seem to get the photos service to pull the pictures from a shared album; I’ve tried Apple and Google.

I keep getting the same resultant error back in the log console for “photos” service: “error: Could not parse album.”

Any ideas?

20.08.19 10:16:53 (-0400)  photos  
20.08.19 10:16:53 (-0400)  photos  > album-slideshow@1.0.0 start /usr/src/app~
20.08.19 10:16:53 (-0400)  photos  > node server.js
20.08.19 10:16:53 (-0400)  photos  
20.08.19 10:16:59 (-0400)  photos  📷 - Fetching images...
20.08.19 10:16:59 (-0400)  photos  🔀 - Shuffling images OFF 🔀
20.08.19 10:16:59 (-0400)  photos  error: Could not parse album.
20.08.19 10:16:59 (-0400)  photos  🐉 - Scheduler configured for 0 */12 * * *
20.08.19 10:16:59 (-0400)  photos  ✨ - Magic happens on port 8888

It is worth noting, if relevant, that I’ve updated npm to v6.10.3 and restarted the service.

Thank you.


Which value have you set for GALLERY_URL?
The error comes from , it means that the hostname provided in GALLERY_URL is incorrect.

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One example for GALLERY_URL would be Meybe you are adding the wrong address, as mentioned by @zvin

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Thank you both @dansku @zvin for your super prompt reply! It was definitely the URL. Fixed it and it is now loading without a hitch. Thank you!

Additional question, does this project currently only support Apple, Dropbox, and Google for galleries? Do you know if anyone else has tried to parse any other galleries, say something like Instagram or Facebook?

Thank you!


Currently it only work with those that you mentioned.
You are more than welcome to check the source code and implement new galleries and submit a Pull Request for the project. That would actually be awesome!


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Thanks again for the speedy reply @dansku



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