Balenacloud Minecraft Server Double Ram Attribute

On the Balenacloud Minecraft server project page( it says that to double the amount of RAM I need to add the DOUBLE_RAM attribute to true and I cant find where to do that. I want to increase the amount of RAM used for the server to 7GB. I’m running a Raspberry Pi 4 B 8gb version. Can anyone help explain how to increase the RAM amount?

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Hi, the Minecraft server application used to have a DOUBLE_RAM environmental variable to select whether to start the application with 1GB or 2GB of memory. This was modified to use a RAM environmental variable that can be set to the desired amount of RAM, see .
To set it, log in to balenaCloud, browse to the Minecraft server application and select the “Environment variables” entry in the sidebar. You can then click the “Add variable” button to create the RAM=2G (or whatever memory you require) environmental variable.

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Okay Thank you!