Balena ssh stops working after reaching free device limit (10)

Hi, my balena ssh stopped working as soon as I added enough device to surpass the 10 device free limit on balena.
My understanding was the Balena CLI was free for an unlimited amount of devices. Only BalenaCloud is limited for up to 10 devices. Is this not the case?

Hey @mkaca , welcome to the forums!

You are correct that the balena CLI is a free utility and has no device limit. However, the balena ssh command when performed with a device UUID (not ip address) uses our cloud proxy and VPN to tunnel the session to your device. So that’s where you would not be able to connect to frozen devices.

If you use the device IP address or .local with the balena ssh command it should allow a connection. I just tried it locally with a fleet of frozen devices but I was still able to use balena ssh with an IP address.

Thanks for the quick response.
.local won’t work if I want to connect to my device remotely (not locally).
How am I supposed to get the device IP address if I can’t ever connect to it? I’m talking about immediately after initially bringing up the device from a fresh BalenaOS image.

Also, to accomplish this, are the following steps correct:
- need to setup an OpenBalena server